EMDR Online

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

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Having EMDR Online is a complete Eye Movement Therapy specifically designed for anyone to use at-home without needing a session in-person, for the times the people has to stay home. When getting EMDR therapy virtually, it is just as effective as in-person therapy. Online therapy offers the added benefit of allowing you to be matched with the best therapist to meet your needs across the globe regardless of your location.

Online experience of EMDR Therapy may even be more effective than normal face-to-face EMDR treatment because treatment takes place at home, without having a therapist working in your private space. There is no additional stress of traveling to and from the practicing place or the clinic.

As an EMDR expert, I have a lot of experience in treating all kinds of trauma using this technique online which works, just like in the private room via eye movements and, if necessary, in combination with left and right sounds via the headphones. It is a very powerful treatment method for all types of trauma. EMDR therapy can absolutely be done online using any number of online communication tools such as skype, zoom, google duo, facetime, or any other video conferencing platforms. The only requirements for successful online therapy is an Internet connection, a screen, a camera and a microphone; that I’ve been doing via zoom meetings so far.

Using bilateral stimulation of the brain, either through eye movements, sound tones, or tapping, while exploring negative beliefs and key memories. This therapy is done using eye movements and or guided tapping and follows the exact same process as in-person therapy. The same precautions are taken for online therapy, as in-person therapy, to ensure your safety and readiness for EMDR prior to beginning the bilateral stimulation phase of the therapy.